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Vanessa Vg
Vanessa Vg
July 28, 2023
I am extremely satisfied with this companies professionalism, prompt turn around, cost, clean up and attention to detail. This project included roof, siding, chimney and deck. I have a new home and am so pleased with every aspect of the process.
July 27, 2023
Owner Jeremy Groll supervised the work from beginning to end. His installers were knowledgeable, meticulous and very neat. Job site was thoroughly cleaned up each day of the install. Overall, very happy with the customer service, quality of the material and value of all the work performed.
Darryl Kenney
Darryl Kenney
July 25, 2023
Can’t say enough about Jeremy and his crew.we had siding and gutters and new garage doors and every step of the way we were informed and he translated our plans and wishes into reality.we have lived on this street for 40 years and the color we selected a slate blue received many compliments from my neighbors.we listened to Jeremy and replaced our front door which just added to the already enhanced finish the crew were polite , neat and efficient I would give him my highest recommendation to anyone
Cheryl Cormier
Cheryl Cormier
July 25, 2023
I have worked with many contractors and was extremely happy with the work that Sensible Home Products did. Their workers where here each day, some times working in the rain and extremely cold temperatures as all the work was performed in the month of December. Jeremy promised (weather permitting) they should be done by Christmas and they completed it on Dec. 24th! We did our shopping prior to picking Sensible Home Products and obtained 4 different quotes. To be honest, Sensible Home Products was not the least expensive, but the passion that Jeremy had for doing a good job and making sure we weren't just picking any product that was not going to last, is what sold me on his company. He was able to guide us in the decision making process and gave us suggestions, which were spot on. The work crew was great to work with, kept the grounds clean and did an awesome job. The workmanship was second to none! Even the vendor they used on the gutters was awesome! Each day I would get a call or contact from Jeremy asking me how I was liking things which shows he really cared. He would send me pictures of the progress throughout the day and keep me up to date on all aspects of the job! I would highly recommend Jeremy and Sensible Home Products to anyone out there! They were awesome! Oh yeah and I love my new home!!!!
Cory OConnell
Cory OConnell
June 30, 2023
AMAZING!!! Jeremy and his crew were incredible to work with from our first conversation until the job was completed. Jeremy was very thorough when taking the initial walk through of the project and provided a vision on improvements to make it more than just a simple re-side. The suggestions of squaring off the garage doors, custom Azek trim around the garage doors, removing our old barn door, and other suggestions really ended up making our house look great. When then the crew showed up they were on-time and worked diligently to remove all of our old siding, repair sheeting, wrapping while house in insulation and then finally siding. Each of the windows and doors were trimmed but custom bent trim pieces from the crew member in our garage. Every detail was not overlooked and we couldn't be more happy. I have recommended Sensible to a few people and they regretted not going with them based on the shoddy work they received going with someone else. I can't say enough about Jeremy and Sensible Home Products and would recommend them to anyone looking for the nicest looking house in their neighborhood!!!!! I included some pictures from start to finish.
Chris Shovlin
Chris Shovlin
May 25, 2023
Jeremy and his team of professionals did an awesome job in siding my home. I've painted the house every 5 years with Sherwin Williams paint, and it never lasted more than 5 years without chipping. Jeremy completely stripped off all the old cedar shingles and replaced that with cedar impression siding in the front, and straight siding elsewhere. The house looks very "clean / sharp" and very presentable to the street. I wasn't looking for dramatic change, just simply no ugly paint chipping! Very proud of Jeremy's team and the work they performed. Looking forward in hiring him for my next project.
Vita Larionova
Vita Larionova
April 10, 2023
Installed Brick or Stone Walkway The greatest home improvement contractor I have worked with in 20 years of homeownership. Prompt and courteous call back after information request, punctual estimate appointment, great quality work performed. I will add that the work was started an hour after we agreed on a very reasonable price and was completed the same day. I got a progress call and a follow up call from Jeremy to make sure I am happy with the work done. I felt truly pampered, the feeling usually not expected from a contractor. I am 100% satisfied customer and will use Sensible Home Products again if the need arises. Thank you Jeremy and the crew!
Jared Watterworth
Jared Watterworth
November 29, 2022
Ever wish you could have a new house without moving? It's possible with Sensible Home Solutions. We used SHS for new windows throughout our close to 40-year-old home, as well as new siding and gutters. Working with Jeremy to design and execute these tasks made us feel extremely confident and satisfied in choosing the company to do the work. Jeremy will do whatever he can to ensure his clients get what they want, but will also use his years of expertise to give those clients choices and ideas they might not have ever thought of. We'd certainly use Jeremy and SHS again for any future projects.
October 13, 2022
We engaged Jeremy to completely re-side our house and replace our windows. I can say with hand on heart that I have no hesitations recommending Jeremy for they types of renovations we undertook. Jeremy and his team certainly "delivered", from the perspectives of quality of product/installation and owner satisfaction. I can say without a doubt that Jeremy knows what he is talking about. We spent a lot of time working through the details of planning, materials, and execution. And Jeremy made sure to spend the time to explain to us the details of each. We compared several other potential providers and it was clear that Jeremy came out on top in terms of depth of knowledge and willingness to engage in the planning process, during which time he proffered helpful advice and suggestions. Execution of the project came in flawless. Staff were courteous and efficient in their work, cleaning up after each work day. They even impressed my Dad, who's very particular and meticulous in nature. As the staff pulled the old shake shingles, we discovered significant wood rot (this is a 1950s house). The wood slats were not only replaced, but Jeremy and team went ahead and augmented or replaced the underlying supporting structures. The window installations were flawless. Alignment is spot on and caulking and foam insulation was done professionally. The house was wrapped in Tyvek before work on the siding began. I can tell already that with this and the new windows, we'll save a lot on heating and cooling costs going forward. The siding we put up looks great. But what's even greater is the fact that Jeremy recommended we clean up old unused vents and electricals on the outside of the house. This made a huge positive impact on the visuals of the house. Nice clean lines. Jeremy also recommended we install AZEC Surrounds around the garage doors. And these look great too. Finally, Jeremy and team replaced the gutters and took the time to carefully re-install the gutter heaters once the gutters were back up. I'm very pleased with the end result, albeit I did promise Jeremy that I'll be replacing the garage doors at some point. Job well done! A+++
Matt Jerr
Matt Jerr
October 9, 2022
We were hit by a storm in July of 2021 and lost siding and we were immediately approached by some "storm chasing" companies who claimed they would do all of the work to submit an insurance claim and get us what was owed to us by CT law to cover the damage. After working with the "storm chasing" company for two months we learned that they were only focusing on our porch roof and they were not negotiating anything regarding the siding. That's when we looked on Angie's list and found Sensible Home Products. Jeremy called us back within a few hours of our inquiry and we met with him a few days later. Jeremy's enthusiasm about the potential curb appeal of our house, knowledge of siding products and reasonable pricing is what sold us. We worked out a contract and work was planned for May 2022. Throughout this time Jeremy kept us updated on when his team would be out delivering the siding and starting work. In March Jeremy called us with great news, that his team had finished a job early and would begin work on installing new windows and residing the entire house the following week. Jeremy's team was here as planned and they were extremely professional, clean and friendly. But after a week of demolition and Tyvek installation, we ran into a financial glitch and work needed to be paused. Jeremy was extremely patient as we worked with our insurance company and then mortgage company, even going to bat for us and getting us an additional $35K. He was amazing. When he realized that this was going to take longer than we expected, he had his team come out and ensure that the Tyvek was secure to withstand winds and storms. After a long, battle with our mortgage company and Jeremy's continued patience, we were able to finally get his team back to our house 5 months later. Our quirky house did not disappoint, as we found an exterior basement door that was not a standard size and Jeremy did not shy away from making it right. His team chiseled through cement and studs to make the door a standard size. After many trips to Home Depot, calls and visits from Jeremy to talk about the project, discussions with his team, our house finally had 16 band new windows, 3 new doors and all new siding. I had not been able to see out of many of our windows due to mold and broken seals and now everything worked, we could see and our house was so much warmer. We can't say enough good things about Jeremy and his patience, enthusiasm and his team. We look forward to our next project with him.
Roof replacement on a CT house from top view

Sensible Home Products

Replacing your roof is both a major decision and investment and something that we at Sensible Home Products keep in mind when meeting with homeowners. Whether it’s time for an upgraded roof or your roof has dealt with damage due to Connecticut weather, we work together with homeowners to find a solution that fit your roofing needs and budget.

Our roofing experts will guide you in choosing the correct and durable materials for your roof. We’ll give you an estimate, a detailed work order that outlines the roof replacement project and address any inquiries you may have. 

West Hartford Roofing Company

Why Homeowners Choose Us

Our team will be there to support you throughout the entire roof replacement process, ensuring your that your expectations.

With decades of roofing experience, our team is well-equipped to ensure that every roof replacement is installed properly and on schedule.

We use high quality roofing shingles that are durable and protect you and your home.

Our company is licensed and insured. Safety is a priority and we take measures to ensure our roof replacement projects are a secure and protected environment for all.

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West Hartford Roofing Services

Roof Replacement

It may be necessary to replace your roof due to it’s age and general wear and tear from CT weather. We work with CT homeowners to find a solution that fit your homes style and your budget. 

Roof Repair

Addressing a minor defect on your roof as soon as you notice any signs of roof damage can prevent it from evolving into a bigger problem.

If you notice any signs of roof damage or have any concerns about the condition of your roof, reach out to Sensible Home Products. We will do an inspection and evaluate the condition of your roof.

Our Other Services

Vinyl Siding Replacement in West Hartford

Over time, siding can deteriorate, become damaged, or simply show signs of wear and tear. Insulated vinyl siding is the best choice among all other sidings. With proper care and maintenance it can last for 30+ years on average and bear extreme weather conditions.

Gutter System Replacement in West Hartford

A proper gutter system replacement is a necessary protectant measure to keep the foundation, walls and roof of your house safe from water damage. 

The effectiveness of any gutter system depends on proper installation, and ensuring that the gutters are sized appropriately for the anticipated water flow in the area. 

Window and Door Replacement in West Hartford

If your windows are damaged, old or drafty, it may be time for an upgrade. Protect the inside of your West Hartford home with seamless window and door replacement. 

Garage Door Replacement in West Hartford

Getting your garage door repaired is important to ensure the safety, security, convenience and longevity of your garage door system. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can prevent small issues from turning into major problems and help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Roof Replacement FAQ

West Hartford Roofing Company CT

We work with trusted suppliers who offer extensive warranties on their roofing materials.

Yes, please ask your sales representative about financing.

Most jobs can get done in 1-2 days.

We’re here to guide you in the right direction with expert recommendations of roofing products with the highest level of protection. But the final decision is yours.

You can browse roofing colors and options on our Roofing page.